About this Website

Christoph Tittel

Technical details about this website.

This is a static website hosted on GitHub Pages. The domain was purchased through namecheap.

The majority of the files use the AsciiDoctor, a powerful yet simple markup language with a more consistent syntax than Markdown. jekyll-asciidoc is used as conversion backend for Jekyll. AsciiDoc was originally developed as a simple way to write complex books in plaintext and is today used for this purpose by major publishers such as O’Reilly. The CSS styling is a customized version of the Asciidoctor default stylesheet.

The building of the site happens on GitHub itself, using GitHub action. Thanks to this no specific environment is required to make changes to the website and it can even be done from the web interface.

Currently, these Jekyll plugins are used:

  • jekyll-asciidoc as AsciiDoctor backend

  • jekyll-sitemap to generate a new sitemap during each build (which is referenced in the robots.txt)

  • jekyll-seo-tag to add some SEO tags to the header (whats the point of a website that noone can visit :) )

  • The Compress HTML in Jekyll layout to remove unecessary tags in the final HTML (to keep the site as light as possible)