I did my Bachelor’s in mechatronics engineering, which equipped me with a deep understanding of both mechanical and electrical engineering. It had the form of a dual study program at Siemens and thus allowed me to gain insight into the workings of a large, modern technology conglomerate.

With my Master’s in Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence I want to both deepen my understanding of computer science as well as learn about exciting new topics such as artificial intelligence and robotics.

The most up-to-date version of my career path is always on my LinkedIn profile.

Non-exhaustive list of my Technical Skills:


Used C++ (with Qt) during a 9 week internship as a software developer in high school, during an internship (with Unreal Engine) and during my studies


Used C# with WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) to create a GUI-Application for my Bachelor thesis project


Used Python (with different frameworks like Numpy, Pandas, sklearn, TensorFlow and others) for programming exercises, personal automation tasks and in different university courses

Common Lisp

Taught myself Common Lisp to understand pure functional programming and used it for challenging programming exercises


Used Solidity during a Bachelor lab course to program a conceptual Ethereum Smart Contract for a platform that makes the distribution of donated organs transparent


Did different PLC-automation tasks during my training at Siemens using both FUP and AWL in STEP 7 and TIA Portal, including a 2-week project to automate a room-filling factory model consisting of a conveyor belt with different stations along it


Used Matlab during different lab courses at university and during my internship at TWT to implement car following controllers


Used PTC Creo to design a friction clutch and ANSYS to design a membrane spring, both during university courses


Learned the basics of ROS (Robot Operating System) during an university lab course


Attended a course about the basics of Linux and use it both professionally and personally

ML Frameworks

Used PyTorch, TensorFlow and Keras in university exercises and projects; Currently using PyTorch and stable_baselines extensively during my Master’s thesis


Regular Expressions, Git, MS Office, VS Code, Emacs, Docker and more

I also like to play around with random other technologies and languages - for example Flutter and web technologies like HTML, (S)CSS and Jekyll.